ROBAG Legal Solutions&Consultancy B.V. is specialized in preventing & resolving maritime transportation disputes.  

Our clients are commodity/trading houses, Shipowners, Shipbrokers, Insurers and insurance intermediaries. 


If you are seeking a quick reply on your legal questions or an opinion on a legal matter in shipping :

We provide pragmatic legal answers, opinions & solutions, within a matter of hours.


If you are looking for a partner which can solve maritime transportation disputes before they escalate:

We provide solid straight forward legal advise without loosing focus on the commercial implications.

Cost Effective

If you feel that legal matters are taking too much of your time and you need a solid opinion on a (possible) claim or a dispute:

we aim to keep our fees low and work as cost effective as possible.

Our services

Solving disputes

We assist with Charter Party & Bill of Lading disputes. We also analyze and negotiate demurrage claims.

Preventing disputes

In our experience using the proper format, or wording, many disputes can be prevented. We analyse and draft any commercial shipping contract so that they are fit for your purpose and still 'safe' for use.

Arbitration & Mediation

We are a supporting member of LMAA and are available for LMAA Arbitration appointments. We are also available for mediation.

Litigation Assistance

Our services include preparing, coordinating and executing legal proceedings, either in Court or in Arbitration.

about Us

Who we are 

Established as a legal consultant in 2018, we aim to provide a cost-effective, pragmatic source of Legal assistance for Charterers, trading houses, Shipowners, shipbrokers, Insurers and insurance intermediaries. 

With a background in commercial shipping, we look beyond the strictly legal aspects of any possible dispute. We strive for an pragmatic approach, identifying the underlying issues from a broader perspective, within the legal framework of law and contracts. 

As a result we provide solutions that can be a lot less invasive for costumer relationships and can be a lot more effective for your business.       

Track record (a few examples) 

– Assisting a charterer by mitigating a potential conflict concerning several ships with multiple freight & demurrage payments (and a wrongfully applied Owner’s possessory lien);

– Succesfully offsetting a claim for late arrival penalties against Owners’ demurrage claim under a voyage charterparty;

– Succesfully assisting a shipowner on retrieving a substantial amount of demurrage on a contractually ‘time barred’ demurrage claim;

– Negotiating a settlement for a repudiatory breach/renunciation of contract on a contract containing a wrongly described vessel and last cargoes;

– Acting on behalf of charterers in a salvage / towage case  and successfully avoided salvage liability;

– Successfully assisting a shipowner with instructing their p and I club on the matter of a repudiated contract (after a wrongful cancellation of a voyage charter);

– Review on the contract of sale and subsequent closing for the buyers of an MR size tanker , plus analysis of the subsequent (long term) time charterparty for that vessel.  

Our Tariffs

(the used tariff is subject to your enquiry)

'No Cure No Pay'

For many claims we are able to provide you a 'No Cure No Pay' incentive, where we only provide an invoice for a pre agreed amount once the issue is successfully resolved.

Fee on a ' Per hour ' basis

Used hours are invoiced on a tariff per hour. Our standard fee per hour is € 170 ex VAT*.

*) where VAT is applicable


We offer package fees for a minimum agreed amount of hours at much lower pricing than the mentioned ' per hour' tariff.

Education & Competences


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