Our accomplishments

ROBAG Legal Solutions&Consultancy B.V.  is using a more commercial approach resolving disputes. We have been rather successful with that concept over the recent years. 

Track record (a few examples) 

– Assisting a charterer by mitigating a potential conflict concerning several ships with multiple freight & demurrage payments (and a wrongfully applied Owner’s possessory lien);

– Succesfully offsetting a claim for late arrival penalties against Owners’ demurrage claim under a voyage charterparty;

– Succesfully assisting a shipowner on retrieving a substantial amount of demurrage on a contractually ‘time barred’ demurrage claim;

– Negotiating a settlement for a repudiatory breach/renunciation of contract on a contract containing a wrongly described vessel and last cargoes;

– Acting on behalf of charterers in a salvage / towage case  and successfully avoided salvage liability;

– Successfully assisting a shipowner with instructing their p and I club on the matter of a repudiated contract (after a wrongful cancellation of a voyage charter);

– Review on the contract of sale and subsequent closing for the buyers of an MR size tanker , plus analysis of the subsequent (long term) time charterparty for that vessel. 

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